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Preferential healthcare provider for overseas patients seeking affordable, timely, safe, and high quality health care services. You will receive care beyond expectations.
Our hospital is a fully equipped A-plus VIP hospital with international accreditations provides boutique healthcare services in all branches of medicine. You can always look forward to personalized attention and a dedicated team of professionals at your service.
Our physicians have had between 20 – 40 years of experience in their field and internationally recognized for their excellence. No matter what type of treatment you may require, you can be confident in their abilities.
We offer the most advanced medical treatments to our patients by using latest technology medical equipment available in the world.
Every aspect of our hospital has been designed to provide patients with every comfort, anything from architectural, technological hardware to experienced personnel and an expert staff to ensure optimum patient satisfaction.
Orthopedics and Traumatology

Scoliosis Surgery

Scoliosis correction surgery is an option when nonsurgical treatments do not relieve pain or symptoms. Scoliosis surgery is often recommended when the scoliosis curve measures over 45-50° degrees.

Chest & Lung Surgery

Video-assisted Thoracic Surgery

Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) is a type of minimally invasive surgical technique  which is safer than conventional surgery to diagnose and treat a wide range of disorders of the chest and lungs. In order to provide a minimally invasive VATS technique surgeons use a specialized tiny camera called thoracoscope.

Brain Tumor Treatment

Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery

Minimally invasive brain surgery also called as endoscopic brain surgery is a type of neurosurgical technique which is safer and more effective than conventional surgery for patients with life-threatening conditions. 


Nerve-Sparing Robotic Radical Prostatectomy

Robotic radical prostatectomy is a type of minimally invasive surgery which uses a state-of-the-art robotic system, called the daVinci Surgical System to remove the entire prostate. DaVinci robot provides 3-dimensional vision during the surgery and allows surgeons to operate with its robotic arms through small ports.

Why is Turkey plastic surgery?

Turkey, ranking second in Europe and ninth globally in the number of plastic surgeons, is a popular destination for medical tourism. We offer a wide variety of plastic surgery procedures in Turkey including BBL, breast enlargement, rhinoplasty, liposuction, tummy tuck, facelift, eyelid surgery






Make yourself at home

Whenever you attend our hospital you will feel comfortable feeling our care throughout your stay. We strive to treat you and facilitate your return back home to your daily life, as quickly as possible. We have prepared the full package of services to help you feel at ease during your stay.


This is the Non-stop 7/24 service

We will carefully plan and organize all your travel and medical procedures and support you at every step before, during and after your treatment. You will enjoy absolute peace of mind while undergoing treatment.

Patient-oriented customer service

We are a patient-oriented hospital and that means you come first. There is no language barrier in the hospital. Our staff speaks several languages such as English, Deutsch, Spanish, Russian, Arabic etc.


Our fees are transparent and affordable. We have no hidden charges, no costs obscured in fees.

All-inclusive treatment Packages

Our all-inclusive service is a complete solution, which takes care of your special needs regarding treatment, traveling and other details. Leave everything for us to take care and make your treatment easy and stress free.

Comprehensive Cancer Treatment

Institutes of oncology in Turkey offers comprehensive services in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of all types of cancer. We have decades of experience and knowledge in the health sector and has been involved and connected with the Turkey’s leading hospitals.


Thoracic surgrey department at our hospital provide diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of malignant and non-malignant diseases of lungs, trachea, esophagus, chest wall and mediastinum.


With the use of robotic surgery in heart surgeries in recent years, patients will be able to have a more comfortable surgical process in coronary bypass surgeries generally done as open surgery. The best advantage of performing bypass surgery by using the Da Vinci robot is that the recovery is very fast because it is performed with a very small incision.


Our Neurosurgery department is concerned with evaluation, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of conditions involving the nervous system. This includes various conditions involving the brain, the spinal cord, nerves, skull, bones of the spine, spinal disks and blood vessels.


Institutes of oncology in Turkey offers comprehensive services in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of all types of cancer. We have decades of experience and knowledge in the health sector and has been involved and connected with the Turkey’s leading hospitals.


Experienced organ transplant surgeons, adult and pediatric nephrologists, adult and pediatric gastroenterology specialists and organ transplant coordinators work in our centers. In addition, adult and pediatric patients are served in separate intensive care conditions after surgery and when needed.



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Felicia came from Moldova when she was 5 years old, suffering from severe hearing loss and inability to speak. Two years ago, cochlear implantation was performed in both ears. Speech development is quite good two years after surgery. Everything is better with surgical intervention as soon as possible and a good training afterwards.
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Our patient from M. N. form Turkmenistan who has been suffering from prolonged and painful periods, excessive menstrual bleeding and pelvic pain diagnosed with uterine fibroid. After extensive searching on various countries she decided to had her treatment in Turkey. The surgery carried out very successfully. Our surgeon maked a small incision in her abdominal wall and inserted a laparoscope to remove the fibroid.
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The speech performance of Gülhan from Turkmenistan 1 year after the Cochlear Implant is admirable. Cochlear Implant surgery was applied to Gülhan, who was born with a congenital hearing loss, at the age of 4.5. He has a great speaking performance about 1 year after the surgery. If the cochlear implant is made without too much delay, it is possible to hear and speak like perfectly normal individuals
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E.E. is only 3 years old. We closed the huge hole in her tiny heart using the original membrane of her heart. E.E. will continue life like another healthy individual and will have no problems with that hole in her heart.
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He was operated on for laryngeal cancer. We performed the operation with LASER and without making any incisions on the neck, and also without opening a hole in the throat (without tracheotomy). No complications developed and we are all happy. Microlaryngeal Surgery method with LAZER is very comfortable and safe for some laryngeal tumors. In addition, patient satisfaction is also at the top level."
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Our patient eighteen years old from Bosnia was advised to undergo surgery due to the long-term negative impact of signs and symptoms of scoliosis. He was suffering form severe pain, digestion and breathing difficulties. He was unhappy with his body alignment and complaints of shoulder imbalance and truncal rotation. After searching on various options his family decided to come to Turkey.
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7 years old Turkmen boy started hearing for the first time in Turkey Umit, from Turkmenistan, had a seizure when he was 6 months old and lost his hearing ability. His speech did not improve at all. His family realized that Umit did not hear when he was 1.5 years old. The doctors he went to in his country before said that it was
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