Preferential healthcare provider for overseas patients seeking affordable, timely, safe, and high quality health care services. You will receive care beyond expectations.

Our process starts by filling out and submiting our contact form or making a phone call +90 552 648 85 79  (Calls from Whatsapp  are available) or by sending us an email Our case manager will contact you immediately and answer any questions you may have. From the moment you contact us, we’ll start working for you. Our case manager will carefully plan and organize all your medical procedures and support you at every step during your treatment.

Make yourself at home

Whenever you attend our hospital you will feel comfortable feeling our care throughout your stay. We strive to treat you and facilitate your return back home to your daily life, as quickly as possible. We have prepared the full package of services to help you feel at ease during your stay.

This is the Non-stop 7/24 service

We will carefully plan and organize all your travel and medical procedures and support you at every step before, during and after your treatment. You will enjoy absolute peace of mind while undergoing treatment.

All-inclusive treatment Packages

Our all-inclusive service is a complete solution, which takes care of your special needs regarding treatment, traveling and other details. Leave everything for us to take care and make your treatment easy and stress free.


Our fees are transparent and affordable. We have no hidden charges, no costs obscured in fees.

Patient-oriented customer service

We are a patient-oriented hospital and that means you come first. There is no language barrier in the hospital. Our staff speaks several languages such as English, Deutsch, Spanish, Russian, Arabic etc.


Our hospital is a fully equipped A-plus VIP hospital with international accreditations provides boutique healthcare services in all branches of medicine. You can always look forward to personalized attention and a dedicated team of professionals at your service.


Our physicians have had between 20 – 40 years of experience in their field and internationally recognized for their excellence. No matter what type of treatment you may require, you can be confident in their abilities.


We offer the most advanced medical treatments to our patients by using latest technology medical equipment available in the world.


Every aspect of our hospital has been designed to provide patients with every comfort, anything from architectural, technological hardware to experienced personnel and an expert staff to ensure optimum patient satisfaction.