The decision about where to be treated is one of the important decisions that a patient will make, especially if it means travelling far from home. Almost 30 years we are committed to provide our patients with affordable, timely, safe, and high quality health care services. We believe that high quality health care should be available to everyone. Therefore we are helping to patients from all around the world who are facing issues within the healthcare system of their country.
My Health Turkey is one of the leading healthcare providers in Turkey with long standing, excellent global reputation. We offer the most advanced medical treatments and technology available in the world. From the moment you walk in to  you’ll feel the difference.


At our hospital you will find all the elements a person could ask for, anything from architectural technological hardware to experienced personnel and an expert staff, to provide you the best possible service. With our almost 30 years of experience and knowledge in the health sector, our traditional hospitality is combined with advanced technology. The entire hospital is geared to provide the patient with every comfort, down to the tiniest detail, to ensure optimum satisfaction during the hospital stay. Every aspect of our hospital has been designed to provide 5-star patient comfort. Actually the majority of our patients come to us through recommendation from a friend, family member or work colleague. Satisfied patients are the best type of advertising that money just can’t buy.


The goal of is to provide high quality and advanced medical services in affordable rates to our patients. It makes us preferential healthcare provider for overseas patients seeking the best care at economical prices. Our fees are transparent and affordable. We have no hidden charges and no costs obscured in fees. Patients generally save 50% to 70% in healthcare cost compared to the cost of similar services in Europe and United States.


Our International Services Department works hand in hand with our patients to ensure that they receive an excellent medical care personalized services at all times. Our specialists dedicated to assisting international patients before, during, and after their treatment. Our staff including physicians, administrators and interpreters will organize your healthcare visit according to your needs and expectations. When travelling for medical treatment, you should only concentrate on getting better. There is no language barrier in our hospital. Our staff speaks several languages such as English, Deutsch, Spanish, Russian, Arabic etc. and offers a multicultural service.

We provide the below listed range of
personalized services to make you feel at home


Our surgeons in the vast majority of cases use minimally invasive surgical (MIS) techniques. Minimally invasive surgery utilizes a small camera and surgical hand tools that are inserted into the body through tiny incisions that measure 0.5 – 1 cm. This type of surgery can be performed for many different conditions and is particularly significant because of the short recovery time. Some surgeries of this sort can actually provide better results than conventional surgery. As the size of a surgical incision increases, the patient’s recovery time and recuperation period increase as well. Along with the risk of post-operative infection, the patient experiences a longer period of difficulty when conventional surgery is performed. Minimally invasive surgery results in a shortened recovery period for the patient and the risk of complication or infection is greatly reduced because of the small incision and tiny surgical field, all of which ease the period of recuperation.


Generally patients are complaints of crowded and uncomfortable waiting rooms, excessive waits for appointments, doctors in a rush, poor customer service and a lack of personalized attention at many large hospitals. But in our hospital we are offering totally different experience. Unlike these large standard hospitals that pack in as many patients as possible, we are providing boutique hospital services to our patients. This focus allows our doctors to devote all their time and attention to our patients. We assure you that you will receive the prompt attention that you can’t find at larger hospitals. In you can always look forward to personalized attention and a dedicated team of professionals at your service. We strive to make your treatment as comfortable as possible and take the time to be gentle and caring.


All our doctors are Board Certified and fully licensed by the Turkish Medical Council in Turkey which has similar level of standards for membership as European boards. Additionally most of our doctors are Board Certified in their specialty in the USA or Europe. There are over 60 academic faculty members, each valuable in their own way, serving in various fields and sub-fields. In addition to this vast academic faculty staff, there are 29 specialist doctors from various branches, proven in their fields and serving in our establishment for years. They are seen as experts in their respective areas of medicine and have trained at world famous medical facilities all over the world. Our highly experienced surgeons who are supported by specialized teams with relevant and dedicated expertise can perform advanced surgical techniques to ensure the best results to our patients. Our doctors have had between 20 – 40 years’ experience and practice in all aspects of their field. No matter what type of treatment you may require, you can be confident in their abilities.

World class care from world-class surgeons.

We invite you to experience the best surgical treatment in our affiliated hospital.

We have access to the best facilities in Turkey and our surgeon pool includes best surgeons who are recognized nationally and internationally for their surgical technical excellence. No matter what type of surgery you may require, you can be confident in the abilities of our surgeons. Our surgeons have been at the forefront of utilizing the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques, including robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery, to help our patients. Our surgeons work collaboratively with other medical specialties to provide optimal patient care. Our case managers will be your first link to the department and will provide you with appointment information and assistance with scheduling your hospital visit and surgery.
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