Our Mission

  • We are a modern healthcare organization that offers high quality services with a broad academic team focused on patient and loved ones satisfaction.
  • We make it our primary duty to offer our public services at international standards at all stages of diagnosis and treatment.
  • Every member of our organization uses their experience for early and accurate diagnosis and treatment with a sense of mission and respect for ethical values.
  • We provide support to medical education and researches through the Foundation by contributing to the medical science by sharing our scientific experience at national and international scale
  • As part of our social responsibility approach, we keep our public informed about developments in medicine, make them aware health threats, and as a result contribute to building a healthier population.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer global medical developments to our citizens as and when the develop, as Turkey’s pioneer private hospital that is open to innovation and meets patient expectations and needs with an unlimited sense of responsibility.

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