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We select the most trustable and well known implant brands for you. These brand marks are certificated by all the health organizations all around the world. These brand marks are used more than 70 countries for more than 30 years. We give our patients a personalized certificate after the treatment.  

In the cases of one tooth, partially or full arch dental loss; the best treatment choice is dental implants.
After the extraction of the tooth, bone loss starts. The dimensions of the dental bone decreases day by day. Replacing the implant in the bone, will stop the weight loss and protect the dental anatomic structures
We may also put the implants immediately at the same time while extracting the teeth, if the anatomic structures are appropriate. So it will make us able to make temporary teeth quickly. This makes the patients so happy because they don’t have to stay without teeth.
Implant treatment may be applied to everyone older than 18 years old, if the bone measurements are enough and the systemic health is under control.
After a detailed dental consultation, we plan the best treatment and with the approval of the patient we start putting the implants. There are two ways of making crowns on the implant. İf the bone weight is enough and the primer stability is strong we may start making the crowns and finish the whole treatment in 3 days. But the anatomic structures are not suitable for the immediate treatment, we put the implants and wait for the osseointegration between the the implant and the bone for 2 months. After a perfect stability, we start making real crowns.
For the best aesthetic and the most healthy results, it’s the best way to treat the dental loss with implants. Implants give us a chance to reshape the tooth gum and protect the bone for the original anatomical shapes.

If you are interested in an Dental Implant Treatment in Turkey or have any questions about the process in general, feel free to start a chat. Our experienced multilingual Medical Advisors are at your service 24/7 to provide you with support.

Find Out More About Dental Implant in İstanbul and Get a Free Medical Consultation Now


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