Living with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is tough. You may think that no one understands how you feel, and no one wants to talk about it. There are millions of other men who experience ED, and they understand how ED can affect daily life.

You may feel like your body isn’t working right; your whole mood is off. You may feel depressed, resentful and anxious. Not feeling like yourself can consume your every waking thought. Maybe you’re afraid to kiss your partner because you don’t know what would or wouldn’t happen next.

Erectile Dysfunction: It’s common and treatable

ED will affect nearly 350 million men worldwide
by 2025, with only around 20%
seaking treatment.

While ED is common, it’s not an inevitable part of aging, and in most cases it can be overcome. There are many different treatments, including pills, injections and vacuum pumps. A highly effective and satisfying solution is a penile implant. An implant involves surgery, and your doctor may recommend other options first, but a penile implant can offer a highly effective, satisfying return to an active sex life. There’s a lot to learn, and many things to consider, so let’s get started.

Erections and How They Work

Sexual stimulation and excitement cause the brain, nerves, heart, blood vessels and hormones to work together to produce a rapid increase in the amount of blood flowing to the penis. The blood fills the two spongy chambers (called the corpora cavernosa) in the shaft of the penis. As the chambers rapidly fill with blood, they expand, compressing the veins and trapping the blood in the penis. The penis becomes firm and elongated, resulting in an erection. ED problems can happen when your brain doesn’t send enough or any signals, when there isn’t enough blood flow, or when erectile tissue is damaged.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

ED is the consistent inability to sustain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. That can be:

  • Not getting an erection at all
  • Getting an erection inconsistently
  • Getting an erection that doesn’t stay hard enough for sex Causes of ED

For more than 80% of men with ED, it is caused by a physical problem or disorder. The cause can usually be identified, and proper treatment can help you return to a satisfying sex life.

Physical causes: 

  • Injury (such as brain or spinal cord injury)
  • Disease (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular disease are risk factors.)
  • Surgery (such as removal of the prostate gland)
  • Substance use (such as tobacco, drugs, alcohol, and some medications)

Treatment Options

There are different ways to treat ED. Your doctor can discuss these with you, and help you consider your individual needs, and the benefits and risks of each treatment option.

  • Lifestyle changes like stopping smoking, losing weight, and eating healthier
  • Oral ED medications
  • Vacuum erection devices
  • Injecting medication directly into the penis
  • Penile implant: flexible or inflatable
  • Artery Reconstruction

%80 of ED is caused by a physical problem or disorder.Proper treatment can
help you return to a satisfying sex life.

Penile Implants

A penile implant is a discrete device that is placed into a man’s penis and is designed to help him get an erection. Once implanted, it helps put the man back in control of his body, and can be used at any time, unlike other treatment options where there may be a short waiting period for them to be effective. A penile implant is an effective solution for men who are suffering from ED that has not been resolved by other available treatment options.

A penile implant involves a specialized surgical procedure. The majority of men can return home within a day of surgery, and after full recovery, may resume sexual activity after 4-6 weeks. Your physician will discuss the details of the procedure, your recovery process, and using the implant. Penile implants have been a safe and effective standard of care for men suffering from ED for many years, and can offer hope and a return to intimacy and a normal life for many men with ED.

There are two types of penile implants:

Inflatable penile implant produces a controllable erection that acts and feels
more like a natural one.

Flexible penile implant produces a permanently firm penis and may be appropriate for men with limited hand dexterity.

Both types of penile implants are totally concealed in the body, and give a man with ED the ability to have an erection – instantly, whenever the time is right, for however long he and his partner want. It helps put the man back in control and back to a normal life.

Patients report a 98% satisfaction rate 6
for inflatable penile implants

Inflatable Penile Implant

Inflatable penile implant is a self-contained, fluid-filled system made from silicone and Bioflex®, a supple yet durable material. There are three parts to the system, connected by silicone tubing:

The only IPP with a true lock-out valve located at the base of the reservoir.

Designed to emulate the look and performance of a natural erection

Pump design has a non-bulky, low-profile size

When you squeeze the pump bulb, it moves the fluid from the reservoir into the penile cylinders, creating an erection. When you press the deflate button on the pump, the fluid moves out of the penis and back into the reservoir for a natural looking flaccid state.

• Easy to use and activate
• One-step deflation
• Not visibly noticeable when flaccid
• Acts and feels more like a natural erection
• Maximizes the girth of the penis

Flexible Penile Implant

Flexible penile implant that consists of two firm but flexible rods that are placed into the shaft of the penis. There are no other parts to this implant. To have an erection, you simply hold the penis and move it into the desired position. When you are finished, you bend it back down to conceal it.

• Easy for you or your partner
• Good option for men with limited dexterity
• Because it stays firm when not erect, may be more difficult to conceal in clothing


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I have an orgasm with a penile implant?
A. You should be able to have an orgasm with a penile implant if you were able to have one before the implant. Consult your physician about your expected outcome.

Q. What is the recovery time?
A. Everyone is different and recovery time varies, but typically it’s between 4-6 weeks until you can resume sexual activity. Your physician will determine what you can and can’t do during this time. It is important to follow all recommendations from your physician for the best outcome.

Q. Will I lose any length after getting a penile implant?
A. Each penile implant is custom-fitted to your anatomy, and the implant itself does not lead to a loss in size. Depending on your medical history, changes in anatomy or atrophy can result in loss of penile length prior to the implant, and it may not be unusual to lose 1-2 centimeters from your original erect length.

Q. Will anyone notice that I have an implant?
A. The implant is completely placed inside your body. Inflatable penile implant is not
visibly noticeable. The penis appears relaxed and normal when in the flaccid state, and it is not obvious by looking at a man that he has an implant. Flexible rod implant stays firm when not in the erect position, and it may “show” through clothes.

Q. How long does the penile implant last?
A. A study showed that 60% of initial implants would survive 15 or more years without revision or extraction.

Q. Will I be able to have spontaneous erections with a penile implant?
A. It gives you the ability to have an erection instantly any time you want one. However, the implant surgery makes it impossible to ever have a “latent” or natural erection that’s not dependent on the device. Therefore, you should consider carefully whether or not an implant is the right choice for you.

Q. What is the difference between the the two implants?
A. Both help give you the ability to have an erection satisfactory for intercourse. The main difference is that the flexible (malleable) implant that consists of two firm but bendable rods that are placed into the shaft of the penis (corpora cavernosa). There are no other parts to this implant. To have an erection, you simply hold the penis and move it into the desired position. When you are finished, you return the penis to its tucked-down position. You inflate the cylinders by squeezing the pump bulb located in your scrotum, and deflate by pressing the release valve to return the fluid from the cylinders into the reservoir.

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