Minimally Invasive Repair of Pectus Carinatum

Professor Erkan Yıldırım is a European-Board certified thoracic surgeon and fully licensed by the Turkish Medical Council. He is specialized in minimally invasive surgical repair of chest wall deformities and recognized nationally and internationally for his surgical technical excellence. He can perform advanced surgical techniques for both pectus excavatum and pectus carinatum (Nuss & Abramson’s) procedures very effectively and efficiently to ensure the best results to our patients. Besides, he has two formerly accepted patents related to pectus bars. He has 100% satisfactory results from the patients he has treated with Nuss and Abramson’s techniques. His another major interests are surgery for lung cancer, esophageal cancer, chest wall tumors, and mediastinal tumors. He performs majorly MIS (Uniportal VATS) procedures and he can perform bronchoscopy, esophagoscopy, and mediastinoscopy very efficiently. No matter what type of surgery you may require, you can be confident in the abilities of our surgeon. Our doctor has had 30 years of experience and practice in all aspects of his field. He has achieved a surgical fellowship in the lung transplantation program in Toronto and involved in 89 recipient procedures. He has been in Kyoto University for the live donor-related lung transplantation.


Our happy Patient Stories

I had a great experience with my two days in the hospital. When I first got there, me and my sister got good taken care of by the reception, then later on the nurses were really nice and helpfull with everything. Dr. Erkan were the nicest, helpfull and with lot’s of knowledge, and good sense of humor (that’s really needed before and after the operation to feel a little better). I really felt safe because of how they were treating me with good service, always checking up on me. Whatever or whenever I needed something they were there. I could always call Dr. Erkan and get help in a second. The operation went so well, that when I woke up, the results were already clear. I had no more sweating cold hands, now they are dry, varm and I feel finally good again and have the confident when I shake hands or hold hands with someone. The food was good, even though my appetite were bad. Even when I checked out, I still got messages from Dr. Erkan where he reminded me of my medicines, asked me how I was feeling and made me reliefed with positive messages and was able to help anytime of the day. Thank you soo much to the hospital and Dr. Erkan.